Exterior view. Mountain slopeis ot modified

Viewpoint facility is located at the top of Klekovaca Mountain taking advantage of the existing military facilities. Due to the continental and maritime air masses clashing at the top of Klekovaca Mountain it is required to position the Viewpoint Facility towards south and excavated in the ground towards north. For this reason, we propose a semi-circular squares oriented south and protected from north and west winds.

These squares are integrated in the landscape as a cut in the slope of the mountain. We do not want to interfere in Klekovaca Mountain view and for these reason the Viewpoint Facility mimics with the natural environment. The roofs are part of the slope of the mountain with the same type of vegetation but with a specific design.
Landscape integration. Viewpoint facility is built following the slope of Klekovaca Mountain
Viewpoint facility plan
Viewpoint facility roof plan

Interior view of the restaurant: inhabiting the slope

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