nodo17 group is an office based on Madrid and Washington DC of architects, urban designers and ecologists operating within 
the fields of urbanism, landscape, architecture, engineering and ecology. We define our approach as evolutionary urban design
by which we understand the design of self-organized environments through technological relationship between nature and society.
We have applied these strategies to design in projects in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Spain, Sudan and Canada.

nodo17 group has received more than 15 awards in national and international architecture design competitions and their work has been published in more than 100 magazines and books. Recently, the Korean editorial Damdi Publishing Co. has published a monographic book about nodo17 work.

nodo17 has a R&D+i department for the research of new construction systems and processes, for which nodo17 has already three registered patents. Recently nodo17 has founded the company HDa (High Definition Architecture) based on 3D printers technology. HDa fabricates, designs and constructs its own products.

nodo17 approach is based in the following concepts:

Evolutionary urbanism. It is nodo17’s brand. Evolutionary urbanism is a multidisciplinary approach to urban design based in time, evolution and ecology. Cities like all natural organism evolve over time. Urban design should incorporate evolution and time as one of their main design strategies. If interested, you can follow our research on the following website:

Architecture is basically interdisciplinar....nodo17 is used to work with publicists, sociologists, professionals in community involvement, educators, ecologists, mobility engineers, hydrologists, agronomists…

It is needed an eco-systemic approach to urban design and architecture. Design means building an eco-system. Establishing a relationship between society and nature through the available technology. It’s not just a matter of environmental responsibility but to seize the opportunity to create new design process. Urban design should be part of an evolutionary and adaptive process in the sense of eco-systems.

Architecture and urban design are inherently complex. The complexity of contemporary architecture compared to sixty years ago has increased dramatically. The technical requirements of projects have multiplied exponentially as the cultural and artistic influences. Moreover if we talk about the urban scale complexity becomes maximum. For this reason the management of complexity should be part of any urban and architecture design.

Manuel Pérez Romero -
Manuel Pérez Romero holds a Ph.D. in Architecture from Madrid Polythecnic University and a Bacherlor of Architecture from
Las Palmas de Gran Canaria University. He also undertook additional architecture studies at Politecnico di Torino, Politecnico di Milano, both in Italy and Westminster University, in London. Architecture for him is the common space between teaching, research + innovation and his professional activity.
He has been a Lecturer of Design Studio and Urban Design at E.T.S.A.G. in Alcalá de Henares from 2001 to 2016 and a Lecturer of Building Technology and Undergraduate Thesis Project at IE School of Architecture and Design from 2010 to 2016. Also, he has been lecturer of  Design Projects at E.T.S.A. Madrid for two years. Prior to nodo17 group foundation, he has worked for F.O.A. (Foreign Office Architects) in London and Soriano&Asociados in Madrid.
Jaime Tarazona Lizarraga -
Jaime Tarazona holds a Bachelor of Architecture from E.T.S.A.G in Alcalá de Henares.
He also undertook additional studies at Università degli Studi di Sassari in Italy. He has collaborated with NGO S.A.R. as a part of Spanish contigent AECID moved to Puerto Principe in Haiti and Concepcion in Chile, to give logistical and technical support. 
Jaime Tarazona has a deep understanding of all facets of practice of architecture, combining transdisciplinary fields like persuasive communication and urban branding with a broad understanding of all technical and profesional issues.

nodo17 TEAM

- Foreman Builders -                          - Engineer -                                - Mobility -
Ignacio Delgado Conde                             Euring S.L.                                     Carlos Corral
Vicente Rubio Alonso                                  A.C.H. S.L

- Renders-                                              - Artists-                                     - Landscape consultant -
Jaime Lopez                                                 Boamistura                                   Miguel Pérez Carballo
Victor Quiros                                                Rubén Martín de Lucas                 Brianda Campoamor

- Models -                                              - Photographers -                    - Structures -
Gilberto Ruis Lopez                                       Amparo Garrido                           Joaquin Antuña
                                                                    Pablo Cruz 
                                                                    Imagen Subliminal                         B.A.C.

- Textile Architecture -

- Partner Offices -
Es_parks Architecture Urban and Planning

- Temporary asociated offices -
Carlos Arroyo + Eleonora Guidotti
Bunch Arquitectura y Proyectos
JDA Arquitectura


Urban and landscape competitions

2018          Finalist
                   Chandgong-Sanggye Culture Industry Complex International Competition. Seoul, South Korea
               Two-phase international open competition. (invited teams such as Toyo Ito or Steven Holl)

2018          Finalist
                   AZ Awards. Toronto, Canada.
               House City Wall, Seville, Spain

2016          1st Prize
                   AWSR (Abalos and Wellness Sustainable Resort).
               House City Wall, Seville, Spain

2014          1st Prize
                   Klekovaça Tourist Centre. Srpska Republic, Bosnia&Herzegovina
               Two-phase international open competition. (invited teams such as MVRDV, Herreros Arquitectos or Lacaton&Vassal)

2013          Honourable Mention
                   Visionary Regeneration Competition. Manitoba University, Canada
                   Two-phase international open competition.

2013          Finalist
                   XII Spanish Architectural Biennial. 
               Margaritas Community Plan, Getafe, Madrid, Spain

2006         1st Prize
                   Margaritas Community Plan. Urban and Social Regeneration Plan. Getafe, Madrid, Spain
               National competition.

2006         Finalist
                   Aguas Vivas Competition. Spain Housing Ministry. Guadalajara,Spain
               International competition.

2005         Finalist
                   Urban Solutions for a sustainable city. Toledo Eco-Neighbourhood,Spain
                Superior Council of Colleges of Architects of Spain. National competition.

2001         1st Prize
                   Europan VI. Urban Plan. Toledo,Spain
               International competition. With Carlos Arroyo and Eleonora Guidotti.

Architecture competitions

2013          Honourable Mention
                   Technology Dome. Zamora, Castilla y León, Spain
               Two-phase international competition in partnership wiith MTM Architects.
               (invited teams such as Zaha Hadid, Mangado+Herreros Arquitectos, Sancho and Madridejos)

2009         Honourable Mention
                   AR for Emerging Architecture. Architectural Review Prize.
                   IMAM, (Woman Institute / Municipal File). International competition.

2008         2nd Prize
                   Elderly Centre. La Cistérniga, Valladolid, Spain
                   National competition.

2007         1st Prize
                   Auditorium and Bullfighter's Ring. Murcia, Spain
               National competition.

2006         1st Prize
                   IMAM. Woman Institute and Municipal File. Móstoles, Madrid, Spain
               National competition.

2006         Finalist
                   XII Edition. Manuel Oráa Prize.
               Estudio M. Tacoronte. Tenerife, Madrid. Regional competition.

2005         Honourable Mention
                   Auditorium and Cultural Centre. Alfafar, Valencia, Spain
                   National competition.

2003         Finalist
                   Casa Americana Hotel. Pego, Alicante, Spain

2003         Finalist
                   Youth Centre. Getafe, Madrid, Spain

1999         1st Prize
                   Tenerife Water-Ecomuseum. Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain
                   National competition. With Carlos Arroyo and Eleonora Guidotti.

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