Waterscape is the acronym of water and landscape. It names a landscape where water has a strong presence. The site is carved by the water. The sinkholes together with the watercourses and the run-off have shaped the terrain. The Golf Hotel Architectural Preliminary Design should respect the current hydrological system in order to allow and enhance the natural movement of the water. Klekovaca hydrological conditions are related to its geological composition. The limestone area is without fresh water, while numerous springs and small surface streams exist on dolomite terrains. The occurrence of springs is also related to contact between limestone and dolomite.

Surface forms of karst erosion are very common: sinkholes, semi-sinkholes and karrens. The area is fully perforated and carved by sinkholes. A sinkhole is a depression or hole in the ground caused by some form of collapse of the surface layer. In Klekovaca area sinkholes are caused by karst processes, by the chemical dissolution of carbonate rocks. The sinkholes dimensions can vary from 1 meter to 40 meters. Sinkholes are alived. They are feed by the natural run-off and connected by underground watercourses. All these water marks should be preserved in order to allow the natural movement of the water. It is necessary to define  a protection area / distance of 10 m. around of sinkholes, underground watercourses and runf-off.

Sinkholes are an amazing landscape. They are sinking topography with trees, rocks and vegetation on its interior. Sinkholes as its name suggests drain the natural watercourses. They create an inner rich and wet landscape. If you reach sinkhole bottom you will feel in the interior of a dynamic and vibrant landscape.
Floor level 0.00

Floor level 2.00
Floor level 5.00
Floor level 8.80
Floor level 11.80
Floor level 14.80
How is it possible to design a hotel around sinkholes? It should preserve and enhance sinkholes. It should allow water flow and the same time it should take advantage of this beatiful landscape. For these reason hotel morphology integrates with landscape and wraps around sinkholes.

Architects: nodo17 group

Partners in charge: Manuel Pérez Romero y Jaime Tarazona.
Team: Brianda Campoamor Pinilla, Sara Cezón Nieto, Mireya Escobedo Pastrana, Víctor Jiménez Jiménez, Héctor Rivera Bajo, Germán Andrés Chacón, José Lacruz Vela
Client: Private.
Location: Klekovaca, Bosnia&Herzegovina.
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