North Face was designed as a protection wall from cold winds. It was built reusing granite masonry from a house in ruins. In the inner facade of North Face wall grows a humid landscape of climbing plants, ficus and palms trees. A south oriented solar chimney illuminates the interior landscape from above.

The program is developed between the inner landscape of north face wall and the exterior landscape formed by liquidambars and cedars. The house volume is fragmented to enhance diagonal views of the exterior landscape.

The project is opened to south orientation and protected to west one, trying to minimize energy consumption. Eaves and deciduous trees allows optimal sun protection. Inner landscape works as a greenhouse during winter enhancing cross ventilation in summer.

The building envelope is formed by multiple isolation layers preventing any cold bridging. An 80 cms  pipe with a total length of 300m is buried along site, working as a Canadian pipe system that allows pre-conditioned air.
Location of Site: El Escorial,Madrid

Design Team:  Félix Toledo Lerín  /  Noelia Somolinos  /  Luis del Rey Cristóbal

Project Type: Single Family House

Site Area: 5100 sm

Built-up Area:
1450 sm

Date of completion: 2015

Photographer: Cruzis - Pablo Cruz
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