Garden view. South typology
Tourist Houses are located in the north part of Kozila Urban Zone, in a hillside looking south and towards Klekovaca Mountain. They are limited in its nothern part by the mature forest and by the Kozila Plateau in the southern part. Mature forest boundary is a wall of firs, spruces and beech trees while Kozila Plateau boundary is a praire and a row of sinkholes that collects run-off and underground watercourses coming from the hillside. 

Tourist houses reinterpret the vertical structure of the hillside, are organized by a sequence of vertical natural ecosystems. Two vertical parks, the Run-off Park and the Prairie Park run along the Tourist Houses Clusters. In this regard, tourist houses are always surrounded by natural ecosystem running along the hillside.
Tourist Houses Sector
Street view
Interior view. South typology
Typological evolution and transformation
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