Climatic Health Resort has been raised above the ground in order to preserve natural environment and to enhance  Klekovaca Mountain view and sun orientation. Rooms are located close to the treetops while common areas are in over
the ground.

We propose some circular rings of rooms of different sizes in order to give flexibility for the future construction of the hotel and to fragment it in smaller parts integrated into the environment.

To ensure sun orientation and Klekovaca Mountain view from any room, it has been set up a minimum distance between  rings regarding the relation with the slope.
Location Plan of the Climatic Health Resort
Due to the size of the hotel, the most difficult task of Climatic Health design is the integration in the environment and the functionality of the program.
Climatic Health Hotel preserves and adapts to Kozila Landscape
Site Strategy
Exterior Terrace
All the common areas have direct connection with exterior spaces which allows people to feel the surrounding natural  environment and to contemplate the amazing views of Klekovaca Mountain.
The division of hotel in smaller rings provides flexibility to the developer and allows a better integration into the environment.
This strategy adapts to future requirements and helps to expand easily the hotel in different future phases.

We have set a minimum and a maximum dimension for the rings:
- XS Size- From 62 to 80 beds.
- XL Size- From 120 to 160 beds.

Integration into the environment. Building level superposition
Ring Sections
Ground Level: Common areas and main lobby
First and second ring levels. +11.20 / +14.60 m
Third and fourth ring levels. +18.00 / +21.40 m
View of an interior of rooms area
Spa view. Interior spaces open to the forest landscape 
Architects: nodo17 group

Partners in charge: Manuel Pérez Romero y Jaime Tarazona.
Team: Brianda Campoamor Pinilla, Sara Cezón Nieto, Mireya Escobedo Pastrana, Víctor Jiménez Jiménez, Héctor Rivera Bajo, Germán Andrés Chacón, José Lacruz Vela.
Mobility: Carlos Corral
Client: Private.
Location: Klekovaca, Bosnia&Herzegovina.
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