Can Tourism Be Sustainable?
Tourism has become a global issue, that needs to be approach from a local perspective. Mass tourism, as a result of low-cost travel, is gradually becoming invasive and destructive. Tourism footprint ranges from CO2 emissions, high water consumption to the loss of cultural identity or rising prices in local economies.

Our experience in sustainable tourism, in different cultures and environments, as Bosnia & Herzegovina, Canary Islands, Costa Rica or Spain offers a strong background to face the complexity of tourism impact. nodo17 group designs sustainable projects from a holistic point of view. Our work goes beyond the traditional limits of architecture by analyzing the impact in the natural ecosystem, in the social and cultural ecosystem and in the economy.

nodo17 group offers sustainable consultancy in architectural and landscape design, construction systems, resources management (energy, water, air, waste…), social and cultural involvement, and economic development. The result is a long-term design based on its life cycle, including the construction work, the use and maintenance and its future evolution and transformation. 
nodo17 group methodology for sustainable tourism.
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