Architecture and Technology
We propose an eco-systemic approach to urban design and architecture. Design means building an eco-system. Establishing a relationship between society and nature through the available technology. It’s not just a matter of environmental responsibility but to seize the opportunity to create new design process. Architecture should be part of an evolutionary and adaptive process in the sense of eco-systems.

Technology has played an essential role in nodo17 practice. We’re continuously investigation new techniques and construction systems. In fact, some of these researches have subsequently moved forward to R+D+I department for an extensive development. As a result of these investigations we have registered patents in Europe and USA.

One of our main objectives is focused in reducing on-site works. New ways of prefabrication based on fully integrated off-site solutions are on the one hand, reducing time and cost, and on the other hand allowing a precise control and management of the construction work. In this sense, the use of new technologies as digital fabrication is changing the way we understand the construction process.

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