Amphitheatre aerial view in summer / winter
Amphitheatre is located in an amazing mature forest shaped by the forces of water. The canopy layer is hidding the large  amount of sinkholes located in the area. In fact, it isnot possible to notice them unless you walk close to them. Due to its altitude, Amphitheatre is suitable to develop a sport centre with accomodation capacities that would have also the function for altitude training.

We propose a compact building that will make readable the underneath layer of sinkholes. In this regard, the building is perforated by  coutyards as an extrusion of below sinkholes. The building will become a radiography of the understory layer, showing its richness and taking advantage of it.

The roof is built with a ecological praire in the same way of Kozila plateau. In this regard, the building can be understood as  a small praire surrounded by forest.
Amphitheatre panoramic view from the top of Klekovaca Mountain
Amphitheatre is located at the foothill of north slope of Klekovaca Mountain at the height of 1125 m above sea level
Initially for the design of Amphitheatre we tested two opposite options. While the first one is extendend through the landscape, the second one is concentrated in just one building. The constructed volume for the amphitheatre is high and for these reason it is required to compare these two options in order to minimize the impact into the environment.

The surface of landscape affected by an extended option is bigger than a compact one. On the other hand, the extended version could become a long barrier for the run-offs.

Interior program and relation between visitors and sportsmen will be enhanced in compact opcion more than extended one. Rather than dividing the program, it is more suitable to concentrate it, in order to get a more vibrant life of skiers, sportsmen and visitors.
Design process
The result is a building that makes visible the understory layer of sinkholes. It is a kind of radiography of the hidden  landscape underneath the canopy layer. The roof is built with a ecological praire in the same way of Kozila plateau. In this regard, the building can be understood as a small praire surrounded by forest.
Integration and volumetric study model
As specified in the program requirements, the amphitheatre is bilaterally oriented. To the south-west towards the ski slopes and to the north-east towards the biathlon terrain and open football field. The football field in winter serves as start-finish space for skiers.

Parts of the facility are executed in the gound and underground while upper levels has view to the sport fields.
Axonometric view: the ground, the platform and the roof level
Generic section through Amphitheatre in summer
Generic section through Amphitheatre in winter
Summer / Winter dsections through sinkhole and platform
Architects: nodo17 group

Partners in charge: Manuel Pérez Romero y Jaime Tarazona.
Team: Brianda Campoamor Pinilla, Sara Cezón Nieto, Mireya Escobedo Pastrana, Víctor Jiménez Jiménez.
Mobility: Carlos Corral
Client: Private.
Location: Klekovaca, Bosnia&Herzegovina.
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