A market is a still nature.
A place to exchange still natures.

Many images come to mind when we say t
he word ‘market’.
Images with and without life.

A shoal of fish swimming above your 
head when you are diving. Wonderful.
Tuna loins on the ice in the 

A orchard of orange trees, with 
heir bright points of color against the green leaves.
The impressive arrangement o
oranges in the fruit shops.

The wild poppies on the sides of 
The scent of jasmine, daisies,oleanders…

They are references from private 
worlds, from lived experiences, memories…
They are not tectonic.

We propose a building as the sum ofexperiences and feelings.
Not a building with the shape of amarket, but a building which is formed through its reference to natural 
- Scales.
- Flowers.
- Tunaloin and belly steaks. From dark grey to white.
- Infinitecolors.
- Theseasons.

A vaporous building.

A building that can change color. 
That adapts to the natural cycles, to the seasons: blue, green, yellow, brown; winter, spring, summer and fall.
A building with a recognizable 
Design Team:  Aitor Casero  /   Félix Toledo Lerín /  Birga Wingenfeld / Alegria Zorilla.

Infography: Jaime López

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