The Alamedilla Park complicated and attractive place.
A fascinating park on a plot with multiple 

Our project proposes a park-building and a building-park. A strategy which attempts to dilute the limits, the existing ones as well as the new ones we propose.

A Sports Pavilion that is capable of mixing withthe park, which is not limited to the traditional shape of a sport center.

A park that is capable of erasing its own limits or emphasizing them, extending like a shapeless stain towards the pavilion: a sports park.

We propose a sports center that can be used for the same number hours as the Alamedilla Park itself, independently of the activities carried out inside. A sports center where the exterior public space is as important as the interior space.

In short, an extension of the park’s publicspace.

The Alamedilla Park is a fascinating landscape and because of this, we propose a minimum strategy. A design that highlights its qualities, based on small changes in the flower beds borders.
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