It is the construction of a house for a family with asmall child who will grow up and will eventually be independent.

The house is positioned on the plot facing south-west.At the same time the building is perforated with numerous interior and exteriorcourtyards which allow us to find different orientations for each room. Eachinterior space in the house not only faces south-west but also has two or moreassociated orientations that, according to the season and time of day makepossible to select the most suitable light.

It is a completely industrialized building.

The facades are made in ashlar with the traditionalBalloon Frame wood construction system.

They are also covered by a copper ventilation plate.
Design Team:
Birga Wingenfeld, Mercedes Peña Martín, Félix Toledo Lerín.

Date of completion:
(State- Executive projetct)
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