The Clibanarius, commonly known asthe ‘Hermit Crab’, is an invertebrate sea creature which occupies empty shellsto protect itself against the exterior environment.
Like a kind of borrowed skin whichas such, is not made to measure, but is size XXL, much bigger than needed.
A skin big enough to create a spacebetween the crab’s skin and the shell.
But, what would a building with ashell be like?

Clibanarius House has an exteriorskin, like a shell, capable of adjusting and protecting the building fromenvironmental conditions. But a skin sufficiently apart separated from thebuilding as to create an intermediate space. A cushion half way between theinner closed body and the exterior lattice skin. An adjustable protectionspace.

The two houses are designed as asingle building formed by a parallelepiped 10 m x 17 m approximately. Around this volume we fit aclimatic protection skin, coinciding with the exterior alignments, thuscreating an intermediate space with different widths, which vary from 0.90 m to 1.80 m. Maternal wombs, asthe hedonistic space of the houses, are placed like a prosthesis between theexterior skin and the interior volume..
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